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in vallejo right now. firefighters are battling a two- alarm house fire. it's burning on the 300 block of seewin drive. we will bring you new information as soon as we get it. demonstrators planning a day of action might create a mess on the muni line this morning. lorraine blanco is live in san francisco to tell us where protestors will be, what they are planning to do, and why. lorraine. >> reporter: this is the flier one organization is deseminating online right now. it calls together black and brown communities to come together and stop muni lines today to protest police violence. this is the one-year anniversary of kenneth hardings death. he died in a gunfight with san francisco police in the bay view district. it started when they confronted harding for failing to pay this
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$2 fare. the activist group organized today's muni protest. we called the muni spokesperson that told us they are aware of this event and will take into consideration as they manage service throughout the day here. together the lines that move through this stop carry 70,000 passengers each day. protestors are supposed to meet here in the bay view district from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. live in san francisco lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks. homicide detectives in sacramento county are questioning a suspect in the death of a woman in her 80nd. investigators found her body inside her house in fair oaks last night. witnesses spotted the suspect running from the house naked and covered in blood. officers chased him down and took him into custody. there is still no word of possible motive in the woman's killing. the fbi has joined the investigation into an unusual case of vandalism that had
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potential to cripple most of san francisco's emergency communications system. it happened yesterday morning on twine peaks. vandals cut a hole in the fence and broke into the cities communication facility. police say they did not go inside the building but they were able to cut some exposed cables. possibly connected to the buildings air conditioning system. >> i just know that some of the smaller wires were cut but no city services were impacted. >> san francisco police and fire as well as emergency services rely on radio transmissions from twin peaks. those transmissions were not interrupted but the fbi was notified because the vandalism was tied to the cities emergency communication system. some families in oakland are not giving up their fight againstth districts decision to close elementary schools. yesterday parents protested at a park across from lake view elementary school. that is one of five schools
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shut down by the oakland school district because of declining enrollment. >> the board is losing power every day and we are gaining power. >> how? >> through the community support. the people are sick and tired of what is going on in this district in this nation and they are ready to stand up. >> earlier this month police cleared out parents that occupied lake view elementary school for 18 days to protest its closure. the napa alternative mothers group plans to protest the treatment of a breast feeding mother at a social security office. they say a guard told the mother she could not breast feed at the federal facility and asked her to step outside. advocates say state law allows breast-feeding in public. they will get under way at 10:00 a.m.. a napa teacher that is accused of having sex with teenage girls is due in court this morning. brock james daniels is expected to be officially charged. he was arrested last week on
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suspicion of having sex with two girls that were 15 and 16 years old. he allegedly met them through a social networking site. new this morning just hours ago secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in teleinvolve. clinton is expected to speak with israeli leaders about iran's nuclear program. earlier clinton got an angry reception while wrapping up her trip to egypt. protestors in cairo chanted monica monica. in reference to her husband's sex scandal. they also pelted clinton's motorcade with tomatoes and water bottles.
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there is word out of north carolina that a top military official has been removed from his position because of illness. he was a mentor to ken wrong ann. president obama says he will not apologize for attacks at his campaign with a private oak tear firm bayne capitol. >> mr. romney claims he is mr. fix it for the economy. i think voters entirely legitimately want to know what that business experience is. >> romney claimed he left bayne before the company started outsourcing jobs in 1999. documents filed with the security and exchange commission list romney as the ceo of the company until 2001. romney said president obama's
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attacks on his business record are dishonest and misdirected. >> you might smell gas in the air. the utilities say it will perform hydro tests along the interstate 280 corridor. it will evalwait a pipeline in- - evaluate a pipeline expansion. this week san francisco ethics commission is set to decide whether a perjury case against mayor ed lee can move forward. they accused mayor lee of lying under oath when he testified before the commission. the story coming up at 4:45. and on this monday july 16th, let's take a look at the traffic out there with sal. sal, how are you doing this morning? >> doing well. and welcome to the 4:30 show. and we are here just looking at traffic. it looks pretty good if you are driving around the bay area. right now we are starting off
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with the east shore freeway and westbound 80 traffic looks good heading up to the mccarthur maze. also the morning drive is moving along very nicely if you are taking a drive into the city it has been very nice all the way up to the city limits and beyond that. moving along to northbound 280 in san jose that traffic is off to a nice start. if you are driving in the south bay you should have a pretty easy time of it. let's go to steve. >> morning, sal. last week at this time i was talking about hot temperatures not on the cost but inland. today we have gone from one extreme to the other. low spinning awful the coast of oregon is pushing in the fog and ushering in a much cooler pattern. already west, southwest sustained at travis. and south, southwest at vacaville. that is a howling sea breeze. i got a good look at the low spinning right there. for this time of year it's very
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impressive. don't think we will get any rain out of it. keep an eye on some of the higher elevations but it's a dry system. much cooler. low clouds, sun, very windy at times for some. highs today 50s, 60s, and 70s. that's it. yeah that's it. i mean really a cool pattern. 79 antioch. 72 concord. 68 santa rosa 68 redwood city. 59 san francisco. much cooler and windy tuesday into wednesday probably. transition day thursday as the low ejects out. it will be warmer but we'll have to keep an eye for the remains of what is hurricane tropical storm fabio some of the high clouds could drift in by the end of the week. jan that. >> thank you, steve. microsoft and nbc are breaking up. microsoft is selling its half
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of to nbc. something the company insiders say microsoft has been wanting to do. microsoft already sold its stake in msnbc cable to nbc. it will now redirect users to there are new rumors about the next generation iphone. they will reveal the new phone on august 7th. the side says the new phones will look different from current models. they posted this photo claiming this is what they will look like. apple is not commenting on those reports. northern california wild fire keeps growing. how much progress firefighters have made on a stubborn fire threatening dozens of homes. >> dozens of -- three people get struck by lightning. >> golden gate bridge a little fog there as you can see southbound 101 traffic looks good heading south.
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we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. much bigger fog bank. maybely 60 -- mainly 60s and 70s. some 2,000 firefighters in placer county are battling that wild fire. the so-called robbers fire has burned 3.5 scare miles-- square miles. the fire has destroyed one home and threatening several dozen others. lightning strikes have killed or injured two dozen people across america on saturday. three people were struck by lightning in harris county texas. two of them have died. the third in stable condition.
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>> we heard people kind of screaming and then we saw people running so there was a number of people that kind of had been hit by the after shock of it. >> on friday lightning strike in the atlanta area knocked two men to the ground. the shock was enough to send one of them a father of nine into cardiac arrest. he eventually died. in japan record rainfall is blamed for 27 deaths over the weekend. the downpour caused major flooding and triggered landslides. weather officials warn the danger has not fully passed. a quarter of a million people were forced from their homes. evacuation orders are starting to be lifted today. in southern china flooding triggered by heavy rain has left 11 people dead there. rescuers are busy trying to reach hundreds of others that are reportedly trapped by rising waters. more than a million homes in one prove vince are reported -- province are reportedly damaged. ktvu was the only station
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there as officers arrested 22- year-old robert flores folster in vallejo yesterday morning. on saturday police say an officer pulled him over but he drove off in a stolen car. after a short chase he fired several shots at the patrol car. no one was hit. >> when they tried to move in to arrest him he took off running on foot. jumped some fences and ended up in an area of gentleman jim's bar. >> folster faces charges including attempted murder of a police officer and car theft. a partial recount related to proposition 29 is set to start today. the tobacco tax proposition lost by about 30,000 votes out of five million cast. the san francisco surgeon asked california's secretary of state for a recount in parts of los angeles county. hoping the results would swing the vote. an electronic recount will start today. a manual recount is set for
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wednesday. and sal has been looking at all the traffic out there on this monday morning. sal, how is it out there today? >> you know it's doing pretty well. right now traffic looks good if you are driving around the bay area. let's get into the live pictures now. i want to show you eastbound and westbound 80 that traffic looks nice heading out to the mccarthur maze. now if you are looking at the commute coming in from vallejo all the way to richmond is a nice drive for you. and the morning commute looks good if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. that commute is very nice and no problems getting into the city. this is a look at interstate 280 in san jose that traffic is also off to a good start. speaking of good starts let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. all right everybody. good morning. well last week i was talking about how hot it was going to be inland. and this week it's going to be from this extreme to this extreme. really, really cool. 50s on the temps.
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54 san francisco. their high today might be four or five degrees warmer than that. that's it. even well inland the sea breeze is just flying. west, southwest 28 at travis. east, southeast at san jose. there is a lot of low clouds. right there that low. that low for this time of year is really impressive to come this far south. that will send our temperatures plunging. much cooler today. big fog bank. low clouds. very windy at times. temperatures well below average. in the 80s hardly. they will be out in the valley. 50s and 60s for most locations coast and bay. and then 70s inland. it's going to be a well below average day. even 60s to the north. possibility maybe mendocino and lake county tomorrow. maybe for a few isolated splash and dash showers but i will deal with that tomorrow. the main message is how much cooler it will be. a little warmup. not much. we'll have to keep an eye on
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tropical clouds toward the end of the week. this week the san francisco ethic's commission is set to decide whether a perjury case against mayor ed lee can move forward. they accused mayor lee of lying under oath when he testified before the commission. they are holding hearings on whether mirkarimi should be permanently removed from office. the ethics commission is set to take up the perjury issue on thursday. this years san francisco aids walk raised $2.7 million for aid services in the bay area. about 20,000 people walked through golden gate park yesterday to raise that money. many were walking for loved ones that have been effected by the disease. the ceo of san francisco aids foundation says the annual fundraiser is especially important this year because of federal funding cuts. >> the aids walk san francisco is tremendously important to san francisco aids foundation and other organizations we support because it brings people together to reduce the
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stigma with regards to hiv and aids and raises really important funds for us to do the work we do. >> the first san francisco aids walk was 26 years ago. since then the event has raised close to $77 million for aid services in the bay area. it's another case of falling ice. what happened in walnut creek and how it compares to this incident in fremont last month. >> and the bad economy leads to a start-up boom. hear from a bay area man that is front and center in the latest wave of newborn companies.
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raiser -- reiser is representing himself. the judge has admonished reiser about his statements and behavior in the courtroom. in 2006 he was found guilty of killing his wife and hiding her body in the oakland kills. the children are now asking for $25 million in damages. two people have been arrested in connection with a fatal shooting in san francisco selma neighborhood. that happened friday night on sixth street. 25-year-old gary smith died at the scene. the police made the arrest saturday in union city. 27-year-old anthony path of union city and 21-year-old tremilion ballard face charges. livermore police are investigating the discovery of a body inside a hotel room. a worker at the double tree hotel found the body yesterday. it's that of a man in his 40s but we don't know his name. police are calling the death suspicious until they can
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determine a cause. sal has been looking at the traffic. there hasn't been much out there recently but has anything changed? >> no, we are off to a good start. if you will get on the road any time soon, you should have a pretty good drive all over the place. let's go to the golden gate bridge. there is a little bit of fog. northbound 101 traffic looks good through southern marin heading down to the san francisco area. also this morning we are looking at interstate 880 in oakland that traffic is moving well in both directions here. if you are driving through antioch to bay point, that traffic looks good also from the benicia bridge to walnut creek we are off to a decent start. we mentioned it's nice and clear. and one more thing from hayward to fremont 880 southbound looks good. it's 4:53 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a very good morning. unseasonally strong area of low pressure is dropping into the
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pacific northwest. it will end up in northern california probably tomorrow or wednesday morning. that means our temperatures they are going down rapidly. this system will doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. but the mere fact it's arriving this time of year it can do two things really crank up the fog bank and send temperatures not only plunging but also the wind really picking up. 50s on the temps. low to mid. i don't think they will be going very far. low clouds have already cleared the coastal hills. you can see the low right here in seattle it's on its way to portland and eventually somewhere around eureka. so much cooler is the main message here. low clouds sunny. now the low clouds will probably get chewed up today because temperatures will be so cool. very windy at times. 50s and 60s coast and bay. and mainly 70s inland. 59 san francisco. san rafael. 56 fremont.
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concord 72. livermore 74. fairfield 73 and hold on to the hat and use the extra hold on the hair spray. it will be howling out there. a little bit warmer as we head toward thursday and friday. all eyes will be to the south. tropical storm fabio will move into the picture. >> thanks, steve. ford is recalling more than 10,000 of its 2013 model year escape suvs. the auto maker says carpet padding could get in the way of braking. ford plans to remove the padding and replace a consul trim pattern. owners will be notified and can bring their vehicle to the dealership for free repairs starting next week. u.s. gas prices are down since the end of june. the national average price for regular gas is $3.41 a gallon according to the lundborg survey. the prices have been inching up the past few days. and the bay area doesn't even have the highest prices in the
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country. that honor goes to chicago where gas is $3.78 a gallon. this week several high-tech companies are scheduled to release their earnings report. analyst are warning the news may not be good. tomorrow intel and yahoo are set to release their spring quarterly reports. ebay and ibm are set for wednesday. and thursday google, amd, sandisk, and microsoft. the bay area has seen a new wave of startup companies. michael who started the company scoot networks says he created hiss own company because it was -- created his own company because it was difficult to find work. cheryl from the center for entrepreneurial studies says having a successful startup takes patience.
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>> it's a myth that you go out and just there is a moment of brilliance and you create this great big company. yes, it happens. but most of the time it doesn't happen in a way. it's because people have gone out, they have practiced they have tried, they have learned. >> michael saysest a testimony to that philosophy. having failed at two other businesses before starting his scooter company. rain choice voting may be on its way -- ranked choice voting may be on the way out. he plans to ask the city council to put a measure on the november ballot that would bring runoffs back. the change would benefit dell phenate. overnight search in the san francisco bay. what the coast guard was looking for. >> also the protest in san francisco that could cause commuter madness on muni this morning.
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we are live in san francisco where protestors are hoping to shut down muni service today. we'll have reaction from muni and tell you what they are protesting. >> vandals hit twin peaks. why the fbi is involved. >> elderly woman killed in her home in sacramento. the strange circumstances surrounding the suspects capt

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